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Get your detailed yearly aquarius horoscope for career, love, money and health. Therefore, the period between March and July is suitable for attending some online courses, for As in the past years, Pluto transits the 12th house.

As knowledge of astronomy and the world has evolved, the art of astrology has evolved as well; these days, the charting of planets is very thorough if done by any professional astrologer. Because of that, using astrology to interpret potential life events is very real indeed. But to learn about your other signs and yes, you have more , astrologers will need to know more than just your birthday.

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  • They change the whole nature of your birth chart!.

To write the most in-depth horoscope possible, astrologers require the date, time, and location of your birth. When we have this information, we are able to place your sun sign on the first house of an astrological chart , then follow the signs in order for each house thereafter, thereby determining what types of issues may affect you at any given time. When the planets occupy the same degree of different signs in a chart, they have a connection that is referred to as either harmonious or challenging, depending on the signs involved or the number of degrees separating the planets.

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These signs map out your being in the Universe. All these signs depict our personality and play… Read More.

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Known as Pope… Read More. Do you know you have two different zodiac signs?

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Are you born on dates of any zodiac cusp? In astrology, zodiac cusp is an auspicious time.

The persons born on the cusp of zodiac signs are unique and create a new horoscope. They have double zodiac signs and exhibit characteristics of both zodiac signs.

Birth Charts 101: An Astrology Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Planets

This… Read More. Let's go for a movie? Or shall I plan camping in the mountains? Or maybe shopping will increase the euphoria! Which of these will make you happy? Well, the option you will pick may indirectly relate to your zodiac trait!


So how did it all work out in the end? Actually, their birth chart readings show that they vibe really well, according to resident Cosmo astrologer Jake Register. Justin and Hailey are also very into each other due to a different sign—Libra. Getting engaged so quick only to wait for a formal ceremony a year after being officially wed may seem like a wild timeline to some.

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Jake explains that both signs are ruled by Jupiter, the luckiest and most expansive planet. They do what feels right to them in the moment.

What does astrology have to do with the stars?

When either of them feels insecure about their career, they know they can always turn to each other for support. Despite generally being able to go with the flow with most things, both signs struggle with compromise when they feel very strong about something.