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Get your detailed yearly aquarius horoscope for career, love, money and health. Therefore, the period between March and July is suitable for attending some online courses, for As in the past years, Pluto transits the 12th house.

With Mother, there will be some issues and you may fully agree with her on some points.

With sibling, everything looks alright and the elder sibling will progress in life especially if it is your Brother. Overall a good transit for you and with a little care on the relationship, both work and personal, you will find yourself at the bright side of life. Saturn is an out and out malefic planet for Cancer ascendant natives and whichever house Saturn will go, that house will feel the wrath of Saturn. Saturn transit over your 6th house demands special care as far as health is concerned. The Same attention is required for the health of your spouse also. Here, Saturn is 7th house lord and carries the signification of marriage and married life.

Its transit through your 6th house may lead to some trouble over your married life, especially if your 7th house is afflicted. For Cancer Ascendant natives, Saturn transit over 6th is most malefic transit, especially for their marriage. Those who want to visit abroad, especially for settlement will find themselves lucky in this regard. For Leo Ascendant Saturn rules over the 6th and 7th house and is a malefic planet for them and during Saturn transit Saturn will be over their 5th house of the horoscope.

Saturn transit over your 4th house from November was very painful and it leads you to many not so good situation. Now the whole scenario will change and Saturn over your 5th house will be better than its current transit through your 4th house.

Saturn Transit 12222 Dates During Its Transit In Sagittarius

There will be chances of marriage and childbirth, but some cautions might be needed for both of these aspects of life. There will be gains during this period, but they will come to you after persistence and handwork. Remember nothing comes easily with Saturn and when it comes, it stays for long. Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of Saturn from to Saturn transit in Sagittarius will be through your 4th house and the golden phase of Saturn transit through your 3rd house will end with it.

Saturn transit over your 4th house will have to mix shades of positive and negative. Saturn through your 4th house can affect the health of the mother, domestic peace, and career progress. If passed with a positive attitude this transit will provide you with a good base for progress in the future. Wear a Jyotish quality Emerald to remove the negative effects of Saturn transit in Sagittarius. This time Saturn is moving to their 3rd house where Saturn performs well naturally and I am sure its effects will bless you with all-round success in life.

This transit will bring all-round development to their life. Saturn movement in their 3rd house will lead to travels, progress to younger co-born, promotion and is very good for people related to sports and politics. Saturn transit will also bring you into a love relationship and those who are planning for progeny will find themselves lucky. Saturn is in your ascendant since November and there were delays in all aspects of your life. Now with Saturn transit through your 2nd house will lead to many changes in life. First of all, your health will improve and all the laziness you were experiencing before will be gone.

Your career will come on track, but slowly but surely. There will be sudden marriage plans in your mind and with the support of Dasha and the planet Jupiter, it will materialize this time. Saturn transit over your 2nd will have some negative effects on your family and food habits.

Know your Ascendant

Try not to indulge in harmful food habits and bad company of people also, it may lead to problems like alcohol intake or smoking. Overall it is better transit, then the current one, but still some cautions are required in health and physical safety areas. For Sagittarius ascendant natives Saturn rules over 2nd and 3rd and is a malefic planet for them. With Saturn passing through your ascendant there will be some health issues along with some laziness or in other words, you will find yourself postponing important works, which ultimately will lead to obstacles in your path for progress.

Overall a transit which is better than the current one, but some tough situations will be there. Because for you transit of rahu rahu-Ketu will be difficult in also, actually this is the only ascendant which have back to back unfavorable transits going on until year If you are in Dasha of Saturn, Rahu,Ketu or Venus then you should take cautions in all areas of your life. Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of this Saturn transit.

Saturn is lord of the 1st and 2nd house and is a benefic planet here. Saturn transit through Sagittarius will be passing through their 12th house and will bring some challenges in areas of work and mental health. Now the protection of Saturn will be gone with this transit because Saturn in Scorpio was a positive transit and lead you to success and protected you from evils. You may find yourself in unwanted job postings and transfer is on the card for you.

Those who are looking for abroad ventures will be lucky with this transit. Your body is unique. It has its own particular quirks. You will learn that there are almost no universal rules of diet or therapies that work for everyone all the time. Learn about your own body but this learning will be through personal experiment and with much trial and error. Your best overall health periods will be from January 21st to February 18th, May 21st to June 21st and September 23rd to October 23rd.

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The health of children is also more delicate. The spine, knees, skeletal alignment and teeth need more attention. They will benefit much from spiritually orientated therapies. Predictions reveals that You have to be smart enough to grab every opportunity coming to you, as they will help you to get success in your career. There are high chances of getting salary hike and promotion. Your seniors will support and appreciate you due to which your rivals might get surprised and jealous.

You have to focus on your work and leave all other distractions behind. To avoid any trouble at work place you should speak very carefully to everyone. Horoscope for Libra star sign says that new sources of income may enter into your life and travelling overseas is likely to help you to make money. Librans related to acting, printing, media, art, designing, etc.

Sun sign vedic astrology horoscope predictions hindu muhurthas etc.

Astrological analysis of for Libra zodiac sign shows good profits for businessmen, as their efforts will prove to be successful in every aspect. This is the right time to expand your business.

Your stars indicate lots of work related travelling that will give you fruitful results. Think twice before going for any big investment related to property. Year has lots of challenges in its store for the students. Expected results can only be obtained through hard work. Your performance may degrade in the beginning of the year due to your involvement in some unnecessary activities that are likely to affect your concentration power, adversely.

Due to shifting of your focus from studies you might feel depressed. But no need to be demoralized; have patience and deal the situation carefully, you will definitely find the solution. If you spend more time on studies and do lots of practice, you will surely improve in studies.

As per Libra Horoscope , chances of studying abroad are high for those students who are trying for it for long time. After July, time is favourable to apply for competitive exams. Be brave and face the challenges coming to you, boldly; soon success will be all yours.

Libra Horoscope 2018 (Vedic Astrology Predictions)

For students, this year appears to be full of challenges. You may have to work very hard in order to get desired result. You may get distracted from your goal in the beginning of the year and spend more time on other activities. Also, lack of concentration may affect your overall performance making you feel depressed and demoralized. Libra horoscope suggests that you should try to give more time to your studies and remember that practise makes a man perfect.

So, the more you will practise today, the better you will get tomorrow. Students who wish to study abroad, might get this opportunity this year. According to horoscope for , this year chances are high of good cash flow.

Saturn Transit In Libra

Also, there are possibilities of positive change in your financial thoughts and strategies. During this period, you will work very hard to strengthen your finances and you may get success in it. Also, you may come out of debts if you have taken a loan. From January to March, there indications that your earnings might get increased. You may plan a big investment in new business ventures and this might fetch you huge benefits. Advice of an expert will be quite helpful in your business expansion plan. Those working abroad or engaged in overseas business may progress enormously during this period.

In the mid of the year, says Libra astrology , you are likely spend on luxuries of life and your economic condition might be at its best. Small business related journeys are expected to fetch good fortune. If you want to avoid any financial crunches, the planetary combinations suggest, try to keep a check on your expenditure. Your savings will surely help you in achieving many of your future plans.

You may earn good profit by investing in share market. Preditions for says that initially, some challenges may come to your way. But don't worry, everything will result in something positive. But you are advised to keep a check on your words while talking to your lover. Because wrong words may land you in trouble and you may lose your love. Behave gently and calmly with your love partner and a healthy discussion is the best way to resolve all the issues.

You may have to put lots of efforts in order to make things better and you may succeed in it, indicates predictions for your zodiac sign.

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