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Get your detailed yearly aquarius horoscope for career, love, money and health. Therefore, the period between March and July is suitable for attending some online courses, for As in the past years, Pluto transits the 12th house.

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Year Of The Horse, 2014: What It Means For You And Your Baby

Personality by Blood Types. Character and Fortune by Five Elements. Answers App. Horse - Personality and Characteristics.

The Year of the Horse - Taoist/Oriental Astrology (Wu Xing)

Energetic, Passionate, Upright, Aspirant. Generous, independent, romantic.

Money & Finance

Extravagant, outspoken, vain and stubborn. Industrious, enterprising, shrewd. Best Jobs for Horses. Early flourishing, backup saving.

Horse (zodiac) - Wikipedia

Passionate, romantic, sentimental and faithful. Excessive internal heat, precaution for heart disease. I saw in the luck, you refer the horse as fire horse? The careers that imply patience and detailed work are not for them. Only when they are continuously moving they feel in their element. During the Earth Pig Year of , the Horse natives always know where they must direct their efforts and how to obtain maximum efficiency.

Never letting anything to chance, these natives will make the best arrangements in the opportunity of the moment for the support and with the goal of having as many resources as they can use quickly and efficiently, either in investments or for their personal needs. For these reasons, they have the tendency of becoming too practical and too stingy with money, getting to the point where they never take any risks. In , the Horse natives can prove to be superficial in their love relationships or it can happen that this is not their main priority anymore.

If they wish to avoid any unpleasant situations in this sphere of their life, they need to pay more attention to their partners. When it comes to the single natives, they should not immerse themselves in plans and work because they can miss the chances of finding a mate during this year.

Personality and characteristics

Towards the end of , the Horse natives fall in love easily, and because of this, they often end up with their heart broken. The astrologers recommend the Horse natives to be very cautious when starting a new romantic relationship.

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Also, they need to resist the urge to spend too much money to please their loved ones, hoping that in this way they will obtain a harmonious love life. The Horse natives are full of energy, sociable, and extremely appreciated by everyone around them. In a relationship, they are devoted body and soul to the loved ones and they are willing to make many sacrifices to ensure their happiness. In , the Horse natives will make good house next to the Tiger and Goat and they can have a special relationship with the Dragon. The King of Zhao planned to recruit talents with a modest attitude and favorable reward, and one of his officials, Guo Wei, told him a fable about the Thousand-Li Horse:.

Chinese Zodiac: The Horse

An official volunteered his services to search for the horse, and his request was granted by the king. The official finally found a thousand-li horse after three months, however, it was dead.

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The official took the bones of the horse for taels of gold, and then went to see the king. The other thousand-li horses from all corners of the world now know that Your Majesty attaches great importance to them, and they will gallop to your kingdom one after another, so why do you still worry?

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After hearing the fable, the King of Zhao appointed Guo Wei as chancellor to take charge of recruiting talents with a favorable reward, and talents from near and far gathered together in the State of Yan, making it the strongest kingdom in the early Warring State Period. The fable about the Horse and the talent is an excerpt from the Strategies of the Warring States, which fully demonstrates that the king sought for men of worth and ability with great eagerness. AU: UK: All: