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Get your detailed yearly aquarius horoscope for career, love, money and health. Therefore, the period between March and July is suitable for attending some online courses, for As in the past years, Pluto transits the 12th house.

Creativity is one of their keywords, and their caring nature ensures that the benefits of their imaginative powers help others. They are emotional and traditional, interested in heredity and ancestors. They also have a strong ability to see their projects through to the end. They are gregarious and social, fun-loving and live life with enthusiasm.

For them, everything about life is Big with a capital B, and if drama and courage is required to meet their goals, they have both in abundance. They are always happy as long as someone is paying attention to them! They are very imaginative and sensitive, making them excellent amateur chefs. They prefer to play in groups, rather than solo. They are too sociable to enjoy solitary running or weight lifting, and they much prefer team sports or group exercise.

They have a chameleon like attraction with a certain amount of fear, particularly of strangers, which keeps them from impulsive behavior.

Born on the Cancer-Leo Cusp

If these two energies are able to work together they will be able to avoid situations where failure is most certain. Leo wants to be on stage keeping people at a safe distance while Cancer wants only those loyal and close enough to control for security. Leo, the king, must keep some distance and becomes a soft touch when some needy person gets close. This combination can be powerfully resourceful once they are able to blend and take advantage of the strengths to be found here without being overcome by the fear engendered by a desire to do what they least understand.

When generosity and protection go their separate ways neither finds the satisfaction they feel safe with.

Cancer/Leo Cusp Love "You Love Two Different Ways..."

If Cancer can provide the closeness without putting out the Leo fire to perform and Leo can be charming without being drowned in emotionalism, these two signs are capable of taking you further than one alone could accomplish by itself. Born of a conflicting mix of water and fire, Cancer-Leo cuspers can be shy and sensitive one moment and gregarious drama queens the next.

The brighter side of this cosmic combination is that both Cancer and Leo are deeply loving and devoted horoscope signs, so Cancer-Leo cuspers will often form lasting relationships and have great big loving family lives.

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There is really no in between for me. Cancer- Leo Cusps tend to have fluctuating highs and lows. They can be very opinionated, but this criticism extends to themselves as well; they are very self-critical. Being compromised of both Leo and Cancer qualities, they are nurturing, great entertainers, and warm—the kind of person people love to be around.

July 19th people can be charming and graceful people that long for the admiration and closeness of others.

They can be caring to a fault, compromising and overexerting themselves, and possibly being too protective and smothering of others. More cool zodiac stuff- If you are a Cancer and Leo, you may sometimes find it hard to live with the inner turmoil created by the conflicting characteristics of these signs. Cancer is gentle and sensitive, while Leo is one of the dramatic signs of the Zodiac. There will be a lot of ups and downs to cope with. This can lead to others thinking that whichever way you go, you are totally self-absorbed as you veer from ultra-sensitive to totally insensitive. So you have a constant battle to try to level out between the two.

On the plus side, this Zodiac combination makes for very creative people with a very caring nature. Both make great parents and traditional family life is very important to them. They both have a natural ability to act and their love of the spotlight means that many Cancer and Leo combinations can be found on the stage and screen. They also have a strong ability to see projects through to the finish. Leos are natural leaders and Cancerians are natural organisers — a winning combination, particularly as both tend to be popular.

Both Cancer and Leo feel things in extreme highs and lows, especially Cancer because it is a highly emotional Water sign. When in a relationship, they are loving, devoted and affectionate. This cusp creates people who are nurturing, flamboyant, ambitious, proud, creative, romantic, passionate, realistic, generous and emotional. However, they can also be self-absorbed either in their own emotions or with themselves.

Born on the Cusp?

They are very expressive when it comes to almost anything. Because people born on this cusp have both qualities of a fire and water sign, they can be compatible with almost any sign. However, arguments can become frequent with their extreme emotions. I would recommend a relationship with another Cancer or Taurus. These signs are both very affectionate and loving and can give you the attention you need so that you are not too inclined to your own emotions and yourself.

They are both known for being loyal and are very dependable as well. Taurus and Leo, despite their differing elements have a few things in common which could make this work. One of these things being stubborn, which will cause them to argue and butt heads. All three will bring lots of fun into the relationship and you will definitely make many memories.

Your extreme high and low emotions can cause Aries to become irritated because it is a very impatient sign that is also quick to anger.

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As you can see, there are ups and downs to each combination I have listed. It is all really a matter of who you are interested in, if there is a connection and if you guys are willing to make it work and compromise. My ultimate advice is to just go for it!! She is passionate, generous, dramatic and enigmatic with a lot of passions that when are growing up, she is in her best game. Thanks to femininity, this lady can be deceived and think that you have a woman who is interested in home and family exclusively, but she can also be superficial and talk about some trivial things in life.

Others see him as an erotic, desirable, fearless woman — the endless security that comes out could destroy a man next to her who fails to make a deal with her and compete with her because she expects it. They have a very fine taste and affinity when the nice things are in question, and the aesthetics in them do not allow them to live in chaos, uncomfortable space or any similar situation. These people should always choose the jobs they love, but they are sufficiently self-aware that they will deal with something that their heart is not close to if it is in their interest.

They never let go and do not let them fall, no matter what kind of crisis the crisis is.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

These people are a mixture of softness, sophistication and emotionality of one Cancer and the independence and justice of one Leo. For them, the family is something that is most sacred and who will always be the essential thing in life. Even more, they have a strong sense of having to protect the house and will be true leaders and protectors of their homes and families.

They like to be the bosses of their homes and in this border combination, there is a characteristic that they feel profoundly all around itself — there are sacraments and showcase of the incredible responsibility to the partner, and especially to the children. They are demanding because they demand absolute discipline from all around.

Whoever obeys or adapts to such a person will enjoy with all that they have to give. They always strive to correct wrongdoing, and they need to feel that they have achieved something at the end of the day. The situation corresponds to action, and they will rarely sit down and think, instead of just sitting and bending plans; are not too impulsive because they can look into the future and consider the consequences of their actions.

These people are able to obsess about their problem before they get to the point, which makes it difficult to get to know and difficult to solve. Additional attention is required while giving the story in its own way — their imagination and tendency to overreact and exaggerate takes them to another level.

It is important not to interrupt them while they are thinking about something, some idea, cause they will pull in their armor forever. The basic characteristic of the people born on the cusp between Cancer and Leo signs is their extreme confusing character, which manifests itself from the shyness and fearfulness to the very open expression of friendship and high seductiveness.

They can be confused with the inability to behave so that that behaviour follows their feelings correctly. Extremely emotional, these human beings understand the signs along the way and intuitively follow them — this is their way of how they make a great success in life, and in any time if they do not follow that lead these people make mistakes. And sometimes they choose not to follow that lead, rushing into things. Some people may say that these people can change their emotions very fast and that those ups and downs are in constant interaction with the rhythm of their current emotional state.