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Get your detailed yearly aquarius horoscope for career, love, money and health. Therefore, the period between March and July is suitable for attending some online courses, for As in the past years, Pluto transits the 12th house.

Juno is one of the asteroids that circles the earth in a belt of other asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter. We all have them in our astrology charts, but do you understand the significance of this one? Juno represents the karmic connection you long for in this lifetime. This organization located in Australia serves as a platform for the distribution of astrology and all its various components.

Using a clever name and a broad sense of humor, Simas has escalated astrology to a whole new realm of followers. Although he may not be well known, there is reason to believe we have lost a pioneering genius of the highest order. Paul Laffoley was indeed light years ahead of his time. An artist, an architect, a metaphysician; he encompassed so many of the qualities that define a genius in every sense of the word….

Many people believe in karma.

CANCER Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

What about those of us who suffer with chronic problems such as physical or emotional pain. Are these the symptom of a life spent wrong in the past? Relationships are complex. That is no secret. But what if you knew the Chinese element associated with the people with whom you interact?

Supposing the quirks and tingles that come with other people all of a sudden made sense? The clues may lie in the element of the person.


How we appear to the world is often far different from how we perceive ourselves. Are we delusional or simply unaware? The ascendant or the rising sign is one of the most telling characteristics in the astrology chart. Can astrology illustrate strengths and weaknesses in the human body?

Some Famous Capricorns That Share Your Sign!

Can a tendency towards healthy or unhealthy mental activity be discovered using a personal chart? What are the indicators? Are events triggered by transiting planets? These and many more questions will come to light in this segment. Students of psychology may be aware of Dr. Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.

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As humans we are well beyond the challenges of food, clothing, and shelter. Our next challenge is to evolve in a manner that serves our consciousness and our sense of purpose. Can astrology provide the missing pieces when trying to solve crimes? Is there a special astrological signature that points to the destiny of criminals? Are crimes destined to happen? All of these questions and more are the subject of this episode. Forensic astrologer B. The Sabian Symbols have long been an amazingly accurate depiction of what is happening both on a personal and collective level.

And no one knows the Sabian Symbols better than Lynda Hill. Her landmark work on the subject has set the standard for all interpretations of these ironically accurate themes. Despite the circus-like characteristics of this political swirl, we are able to see quite clearly the role these two planets play in this event. Eclipses have captured the imagination of humans since they were first understood. The fantastic mathematical precision that occurs as such an event is truly remarkable and suggests that there is a greater logic in the construction of our universe than we might have originally thought.

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  8. The Solar Return indicates a time of the year when the Sun returns to the exact degree as it did at the moment of your birth. It is an important moment for reflection and a consideration of what is to come. In January of , I connected with Jan Spiller and had a marvelous warm conversation. She was a delightful, animated, enthusiastic astrologer with a deep appreciation and reverence for astrology.

    Sadly I heard that Jan passed away this past week after a long battle with cancer. This is an archived show from We all want to known what is to come. More than any other significant reason, this is why we turn to astrology for answers. We might not be able to get explicit granularity, but can we get some sort of flavor or theme of what is to come?

    Astrology can be an extremely effective tool for understanding the character of the individual. The details, aspects, traits, and liabilities are all blatantly evident in the structure of the chart and when properly interpreted can be incredibly helpful in identifying the journey of any person. Are we the vestiges of a former life? Do we come back to relive a prescribed journey? People have long been fascinated with the possibility of a return to the earthly plane and yet we know little about this topic. Astrology holds many of the keys that signify the possibility of its existence.

    We are living in a time when uncertainty is rampant. The political cycle is unparalleled. The state of the globe is querulous and our sense of security is certainly in question. The Mayan calendar has been a controversial topic among contemporary thinkers. Its origins are ancient and unusual.

    It is no secret that we are undergoing a dramatic reconstruction of our planet. This applies philosophically, ethically, physically, intellectually, and morally. What does this look like and is it expected? All progress must entail change and yet, our current changes seem more dramatic than in recent memory. Is there a connection between events and astrology? This may be one of the most puzzling questions that arises when we talk about the science and art of astrology.

    Is there a connection between the cosmos and events on earth? As a fractious election season encroaches on the United States, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with numerologist, Felicia Bender about the numbers for the fate of the country. Numerology is the sibling of astrology and together the two modalities support each other with accuracy and data points that are remarkable and precise. The planet that symbolizes ambition, aggression, action, and anger has turned retrograde and is spinning backwards from our view on earth.

    This action is combined with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto retrograding as well. All of this backwards motion has a profound impact on all of our trajectories. Are we stunted in our progress? The Akashic Records are a record of our historic journey that spans back through the previous lifetimes in which we existed. They are a vessel of knowledge that spans our past with an uncanny accuracy and may shed light into our current trials and tribulations. Have you been here before? Do things feel vaguely familiar?

    Why do people and events cycle through our lives? All of these questions and more come to light in a review of past life regression. The late Jeanne Avery recounts her experiences with clients during her sessions with them. Shakespeare is known as the father of literature. There are few stories that are not in some way a derivation of the body of work that he wrote. He encompassed the entire human dilemma and incorporated all of the humanistic traits that we still carry today in his characters and plays.

    Have you ever had a near death experience? An NDE? Have you ever wondered what happens at that moment? Where do we go?



    What is it like? Should we be afraid? Or is it a marvelous release from all that weighs us down? What does this technique indicate? Where have we come from?

    70 Best Astrology images in | Sistema solar, Deep space, Planetary system

    Where are we going? The future looks quite turbulent as the details emerge. Once considered the view of pre-new age theorists who postulated that you attract what you think. Is it realistic to think positively? We all know how beneficial meditation is to our physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. Yet, despite the multitude of positive results, few of us can muster the patience and tenacity to practice on a regular basis. As we stare out across the current American political arena we can hardly believe what we are witnessing. Childish behavior, playground bullying, and vacuaous policies dominate the dialog as politicians strive to separate themselves from the political fold.

    Oppositions are an important component of astrology. It is no surprise that they are also vital aspects of the human condition.